How to wash your new C&L clothes

Our goal at Camille and Leah is to make items that are durable, wash well and can be passed on to the next child. With that in mind, we wanted to gather as much information for you as we can, to help you take care of your new C&L clothes.

For Be Comfortable
Our Be Comfortable pieces were designed to be everyday wear pieces that are durable and can be machine washed. 
We recommend washing your cotton knit items separately, use a quick cycle on your machine and wash on cold, lay flat to dry. Mild detergent should be used.

For Classics:
Our Classics are truly delicate pieces and full of details. With details, comes the tricky part, they can be very prone to being damaged on a regular washing machine cycle. Because laces and satin trims, delicate fabrics like our popular lurex, are very sensitive, we recommend you only hand wash these pieces and lay flat to dry.

If you choose to machine wash them, we recommend using a mesh laundry bag for this process, always choose quick cycle and cold water only, use mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

For Classics in darker colors we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing only.

Most of our pieces are Dry Clean safe. Please check the care label on the inside part of your garment for the Dry Clean safe logo. We recommend dry cleaning for all our tulle dresses.