About Us

Hi, so glad you're here, this is the perfect time to introduce myself and share a little about this new brand and all the things we have planned. I'm Dhulia (if you're wondering how to pronounce it, it's pronounced Julia). I’m Brazilian and live in the Charleston area in South Carolina
Camille and Leah are my daughter's middle names, they are the inspiration behind this little shop. Like all of you here, I absolutely love boutique clothing, I love dressing up my girls and that’s how I got started, sketch book and amazing fabrics and our first piece came to life.
I have poured my heart and soul into this brand and everything i’ve done and plan to, it has been challenging and rewarding, also a lot of fun, i enjoy planning each and every piece, but my favorite part: fabrics! As you probably noticed by now, I’m drawn to shiny fabrics and you will be seeing a lot of that in the near future, I promise, they’re amazing!
All of our production is done in India and soon Indonesia, we work with three amazing companies so far, all three support ethical and sustainable fashion just like I do.
I’m very excited for all the amazing things and collaborations we have planned, stay tuned for so much more coming soon!
I’m always so happy to see your little girls wearing Camille and Leah. You guys make my day when you share photos on social media and tag us. Your support means a lot.

Dhulia, Camille and Leah.